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Replacing a Lost/Stolen/Damaged Passport

Please report the loss/theft of all U.S. passports to the local police and the Consulate General serving your area as soon as possible. Please make note of the Police Incident/Report number. If your reported lost or stolen passport is found after a replacement passport is issued to you, the original passport cannot be used for travel.

Completing the application

Please print out only one-sided pages of the application, and submit in person at the Consulate serving your area:

  1. Self-addressed Express Post or Express Post Platinum envelope for return of your new and old passports. Please note that we are unable to accept Registered Post envelopes to return the documents;
  2. Completed, legible (but not signed) passport application (Form DS-11);
  3. For lost/stolen/misplaced passports: Completed and signed Statement Regarding Lost or Stolen Passport (Form DS-64), including the Police Incident/Report number; For damaged passports: Signed written statement explaining how and when your passport was damaged;
  4. Evidence of U.S. Citizenship;
  5. Evidence of identity;
  6. One (1) U.S. sized passport photograph. (Note: these are a different size from Australian sized passport photographs. See our list of known photographers);
  7. Applicants under age 16: U.S. regulations require the consent of both parents/legal guardians for the issuance of a U.S. passport to a minor child. To meet these regulations, the following documents are required:
    • The child’s birth certificate or court issued custody order;
    • The parents’ current photographic identification. If only one parent submits the application for a minor child, the absent parent is required to complete a notarized Form DS-3053 to express their consent for the issuance of the passport;
    • The minor child (applicant) must be present;
  8. If applicable — Original documentation to support name change or change of other descriptive data (certified photocopies are not acceptable);
  9. Applicable fee. (All fees are subject to change without notice).


Submitting the application

The application must be signed by the applicant in the presence of a Consular Officer at the Consulate General serving your area. This requirement cannot be waived. Services are provided by appointment only, which can be scheduled online.

All applicants must be present at the appointment, including minor child applicants under the age of 16.

For applicants living in areas where there is no consular presence, you may be eligible to submit your application during an ACS outreach program. Please refer to the ACS outreach program page for details of upcoming ACS outreach visits.

Photo Guidelines

Far from a Consulate?

  • A consular officer may be visiting your part of Australia as part of  an upcoming American Citizen Services Outreach, which will save you from appearing in person at a U.S. Consulate. Please visit our American Citizen Services Outreach page for details on upcoming outreaches.

Helpful hints for ACS applications

  • Please click here for important information for U.S. citizens who have used (or who are considering to use) Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) abroad. For citizenship purposes, ART includes in-vitro fertilization, surrogacy arrangements and the use of egg and sperm donors. If ART was used to concieve your child and you are unsure as to how to proceed with an application, please contact the American Citizen Services (ACS) Unit at the U.S. Consulate General serving your state.

  • Please refer to the Department of State's worldwide advice regarding Consular Reports of Birth Abroad.

    Make a copy of all supporting documents (not the application forms) to leave with us. If photocopies are not provided, you will need to pay $1 USD for each photocopy (if you are also applying for a Social Security Number, please make two (2) copies of each supporting document);

    Please review the tips for a smooth consular visit and information regarding supporting documents;

    Please refer to the Department of State for instructions on how to obtain a replacement Consular Report of Birth Abroad.