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Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) - Form W-7

An ITIN is an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number that is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service to individuals involved in a transaction which may be a taxable event in the United States.

An ITIN is used for federal tax purposes only.  It is not valid for personal identification, does not entitle the individual to work in the U.S. or to receive U.S. Social Security benefits, and creates no inference regarding the individual’s immigration status.  To qualify for an ITIN, the applicant cannot have, or be eligible to receive, a U.S. Social Security Number (SSN).


U.S. Embassies and Consulates are able to certify copies of foreign passports in relation to ITIN applications, but only for non-resident aliens applying for ITINs for the purpose of claiming tax treaty benefits (i.e. those applicnts who are ticking "a" and "h" on the W-7 form).

If you are applying for an ITIN for any other purpose, you will need to submit original documents, or apply from within the United States using an IRS ITIN Acceptance Agent. To learn more about the ITIN application process, please click here.

Obtaining an ITIN from Abroad

These instructions are for applicants submitting their request for a certified copy of their passport by the U.S. Consulate to support their application for an ITIN (Form W-7).

The applicant must mail the following items to our office:

  1. The completed Application for an ITIN (Form W-7);
  2. A self-addressed Express Post or Express Post Platinum envelope; 
  3. Current passport and one clear photocopy of their passport;
  4. The fee for this service can be found on the Fees page under the heading of Certification. Payment may be made only by postal money order or bank check, made payable to the U.S. Consulate General. Personal checks or company checks will not be accepted.

Applications are only accepted my mail – they are not accepted in person. Please mail the items above to the U.S. Consulate General serving your area, and allow approximately 5 working days for our office to process your request.

We will return the items to the applicant in the envelope provided. The applicant is required to mail their ITIN application with the certified copy of their passport to:
         Internal Revenue Service
         ITIN Operations
         P.O. Box 149342
         Austin,TX 78714-9342
         United States of America
Further information regarding ITINs can be obtained on the IRS website. The IRS has staff available to assist with inquiries related to ITIN applications. The contact details for these overseas offices may be found at Contact My Local Office Internationally. Alternatively, you may contact the IRS in the United States. Please note that the IRS does not maintain a taxpayer assistance presence in Australia and Consulate staff are not able to answer inquiries about the ITIN application process.

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