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Child Support and Passport Issuance

Under Section 51.60 (a) (2) of Title 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations, a passport, except for direct return to the United States, will not be issued in any case in which the applicant has been certified by the Secretary of Health and Human Services as notified by a state agency to be in arrears of child support in an amount exceeding $2,500.00. Your passport will be revoked if you fall under this regulation, including when you apply for additional pages, seek a renewal or process a Report of Birth application.

Please direct any questions to the appropriate State child support enforcement agency. You may go to the Department of Health and Human Services - State Child Support Enforcement Web Site for a listing of HHS state and local agencies.

Passports for minor children may also be denied in the cases of Child Custody Disputes.

Please contact the Consulate that serves your area if you have further questions relating to child support and passport issuance.